Armley (Leeds) Area Guide



1st May, 2020


Area Guide

Armley (Leeds) Area Guide

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Armley is a suburb of Leeds that thrived during the Industrial Revolution and counted with several mills. It is a large working-class area of the city of Leeds and numerous smaller industrial businesses are located in the suburb. The first historical reference to Armley is dated 1086 and back in 1788, its woolen mill was the largest in the world. Thanks to its mills, Armley was a major contributor to the economy of Leeds. Most of the historical buildings (houses, churches, schools, shops, etc.) in the suburb were erected in the 1800s. Some notable people who were either born or lived in Armley are Alan Bennett, the playwright, Barbara Taylor Bradford, the novelist, and Benjamin Gott, one of the leading figures of the Industrial Revolution. By the way, if you have a house for sale, do not hesitate to contact our estate agents in Leeds.


Situated at just 1.6 km from Leeds city centre, Armley is a district in the West of Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.


The suburb of Armley is very well connected to Leeds city centre. Commuters can take 5 different bus lines (15, 16, 72, 87, and X6) that stop in the proximity of Armley. The nearest stops or stations to Armley are Ledgard Way (it is 177 meters away, 3 minutes walk), Wesley Rd Back Wesley Road (185 meters away, 3 minutes walk), and Tong Rd Thornhill Road (639 meters away, 9 minutes walk). It is possible to reach the Leeds’ suburb by train taking the Northern and the Transpennine Express lines. The closest motorway to Armley is the M621. For those who prefer traveling by air, the closest airport to Armley is the Leeds Bradford Airport.

Schools and universities in this area

1. St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary School is situated in Strawberry Lane. It is a church school which ethic is based on Christian values. It has great expectations of all children, both socially and academically with the aim to provide them with those skills and experiences that will help the pupils become great learners.

2. Armley Park Primary School aims to form pupils who will be successful in all areas of life. The school’s purpose is to make sure students can learn from failure or set back to become better persons.

3. Dixons Unity Academy welcomes students from 7 to 11 years old and it is situated on the borders of the communities of Armley, Wortley, and Bramley. The academy’s main goal is to favor integration between students who come from different backgrounds and cultures. Students are provided a high-quality education.

4. Holy Family Primary School is one of the oldest Catholic Primary Schools in Armley with 140 years of history. The school’s mission is to educate its pupils by the Gospel values and it skillfully blends tradition with technology. In fact, at Holy Family Primary School pupils are taught to use technology at an early age to be prepared for the technological world that will be part of their lives.

5. Castleton Primary School offers an education based on its core values which are trust, respect, honesty, resilience, and communication. Each month, a different value is selected as a focus for class discussion and assemblies.

Bars in Armley

There are numerous bars in Armley. One of them is The Star, Tongo Road, with a ground floor bar and seating. Internally the pub is well presented and there is a beer garden as outdoor areas. There is also parking to the side of the pub, exclusive for customers. Another popular pub is the White Horse situated at 87 Town Street. At the front of the pub, there is a busy lounge area and the public bar area is at a slightly lower level.

Situated in 21 Crab Lane, the Malt Shovel is a friendly pub about 5 minutes drive from Leeds city centre. Customers at the Malt Shovel can enjoy drinks from either the indoor bar or the beer garden outside. Here, it is possible to spend an evening playing pool or watching sports. Additionally, clients can comfortably leave their car in the pub’s parking nearby.
Amalfi Bar at 49 Wortley Road is a cocktail and beer pub. The staff is very friendly and apart from drinks, customers can enjoy a nice meal. Mix & Twist is not the typical pub. Its main goal is to provide a unique mobile bar experience for the best corporate events, weddings, private parties, and professional events.

Places to visit within a radius of 50 km

There are many places that people can visit 50 km from Armley. One of the most popular attractions is Cannon Hall Farm in Barnsley, 30 km away from Armley. It is visited by almost a quarter of a million people every year. It features a big playground for children, a climbing forest, falconry, sheepdog displays, etc. The farm was granted permission for further developments in the future.

The Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills is a testimony of the suburb’s historical background. It includes a collection of textile machinery, railway equipment, and heavy engineering. As mentioned above, it was the world’s largest mill.

At just 4 km from Armley, Kirkstall Abbey is a very interesting site to visit. It is a ruined Cistercian monastery founded in 1152. The ruins are so picturesque that artists such as John Sell Cotman and Thomas Girtin painted them. The gatehouse is now a museum and it is part of the Leeds Museums & Galleries group.

For those tourists who like spending a day outdoors and experience a full immersion in nature, Rodley Nature Reserve is the best option. It is a wetland reserve that’s 4 km from Armley and it is an excellent habitat for birds and other animal species. Frogs, toads and newts breed in the reserve. Over 15 species of dragonflies have been recorded in this reserve. It is on a migratory route used by waders and waterfowl. The facilities are a carpark by the gate and a visitor centre.

Another place worth visiting is the Harewood House. Just 15 km away from Armley, Harewood House was built in the 18th century and it is one of England’s treasure houses. With an art collection, amazing gardens, a playground, and a bird garden, Harewood House hosts events and activities throughout the year.

Eureka! in Halifax (23 km from Armley) is an attraction for children. In fact, it is the National Children’s Museum: an interactive place where youngsters can spend their day with hundreds of hands-on exhibits.

At about 50 km from Armley, Lightwater Valley is a theme park where tourists are surely going to have fun. Home to the longest rollercoaster of Europe, Lightwater Valley is set in 175 acres of North Yorkshire parkland.

The National Coal Mining Museum is probably not the best place to be if one is claustrophobic. Besides the opportunity to travel underground for 140 meters, the museum gives an insight into the hardship of life in the mines, the dangers, and how this activity changed through history. The museum is at about 22 km from Armley.

Another place worth visiting is the Royal Armouries, Britain’s national museum of arms and armors. Situated in Leeds, the museum displays 8,500 objects and presents the history of the warrior through the ages, from the medieval knight to the present-day soldier. The Royal Armouries is 4.3 km from Armley.

Things to know about the Armley housing market

Among Leeds suburbs, Armley is not the most glamorous. However, this area could potentially become an important place to purchase a house because starting from the main street, the suburb is the focal point for future redevelopment plans. Why is it so convenient to invest in the Armley housing market? The first reason is the proximity to Leeds city centre and the wide range of public transport that connects the two areas.

Normally, a property situated in such an area would be very expensive. This is not the case in Armley: here properties can be bought at almost half the average costs nationwide. At the same time, the value of property in Armley is slowly increasing, making it a good investment in the long term. Additionally, despite its proximity to Leeds city centre, buyers can find fantastic bargains. For instance, 2-bed properties are available for less than £88,000.

Although post – Brexit uncertainty has affected the national housing market with prices falling a bit everywhere, Armley seems to be exempted from the general trend. Moreover, future plans are set for the high-speed rail to connect Leeds and its booming economy. This will be very beneficial for the other suburbs, Armley included.


Local property professionals

We pride ourselves on the range of student properties we offer in the area. Our trusted letting agents in Armley can help you find exactly what you’re looking for whether expert advice, property valuation, property management services or a tenant searching for their ideal rental property in the area. Browse our range of student properties to rent in Leeds or get in touch, and we look forward to helping you let your property or find your perfect rental property.

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