Best Letting Agents In Leeds



3rd March, 2021


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Best Letting Agents In Leeds

When it comes to letting agents in Leeds, tenants and landlords will seek to work with the best. Considering the reviews of our customers left on Google, Rooftop Living are one of the best-rated agencies in Leeds, with almost 170 positive reviews, accumulating a score of 4.1 out of 5.

Who is the best letting agency in Leeds?

In our opinion, the best Letting Agents In Leeds is not the one ranked number one in the top 10 of the best letting agencies created by review sites like X or Y.

The best agency in town is the one that adapts to the clients’ requirements, whether they are homeowners or tenants. More than 30 years after buying our first property in Leeds, we now oversee a multi-million-pound portfolio with properties for all needs.

Choosing the best-letting agents in Leeds – Why it Matters

Everyone who lives in Leeds knows a local letting agent, and buyers or sellers often hire someone close to them. Many investors want to hire that family member or friend without questioning their abilities in the field.

This is a strange choice because a good estate agent will make a difference in your bank account at the end of the day. For a landlord, it should be clear that the letting agent with the most knowledge and understanding of the local market, would be the one you need to work with.

Why limit yourself to your friends if we can offer you so much more?

According to, Leeds is a city with the most diverse economy of all the UK’s main employment centers and the fastest rate of private-sector jobs growth of any UK city. With 4 universities and has the fourth largest student population in the country, investment property for student lets is a very common type of property investment in Leeds.

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