Best student accommodation areas in Leeds



6th August, 2020


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Best student accommodation areas in Leeds

Find the best student accommodation areas in Leeds with our extensive list of places to stay. Whether you’re looking for a short-term let, long-term let, shared accommodation, or off campus housing, we’ve got you covered.

Leeds is the economic, financial, and cultural heart of West Yorkshire, which is an area that is culturally thriving with many schools and universities. The University of Leeds was established in 1904 and it is one of the largest higher education institutions in the UK.

The quality of teaching and research is renowned worldwide and the major fields of education (undergraduate and postgraduate levels) are provided at this university. Its core values are integrity, professionalism, academic excellence, community, and inclusiveness.

For this reason, Leeds is a growing city, with investors from all over the world wishing to start their businesses or settle down in Leeds. During the 80s, this area was a building boom that, to a certain extent, seems to be ongoing.

An average house price for a property in Great Britain is about £219,554 while in Leeds is about £203,825, over £15k less than the UK average. This indicates that the city continuously regenerates various areas in and around the city centre to provide more housing.

Rental rates are also pretty strong and it could not be otherwise as, to many, Leeds is considered a student city and for this reason, property owners can easily rent out their flats either to students or to the young working class. You can find here a lot of luxury accommodations for students.

Top student accommodation areas in Leeds

We pride ourselves on the range of student properties we offer in the Leeds area. Our trusted student letting agents can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in the area. Browse our range of best student accommodation areas in Leeds or get in touch with us.

Top student accommodation areas in Leeds

Leeds is one of the most popular places to study in the UK, with high academic credentials and a number of great neighborhoods. The area continues to draw in thousands of domestic and foreign students each year.

Student housing in Leeds usually consists of two options: renting private accommodation or living in a university student campus. Private housing is widely available in a broad range of styles, sizes, costs, and locations. In terms of cost, living in the best student accommodation in Leeds largely depends on the rental market of the area they are located in.

  • Armley
  • Chapel Allerton
  • Guiseley
  • Halton
  • Headingley
  • Hyde Park
  • Kirkstall
  • Leeds City Centre
  • Meanwood
  • Moortown
  • Woodhouse

The average cost for renting a student house in Leeds

Area Price
Armley From £179 pw
Chapel Allerton From £160 pw
Guiseley From £167 pw
Halton From £81 pw
Headingley From £125 pw
Hyde Park From £163 pw
Kirkstall From £65 pw
Leeds City Centre From £311 pw
Meanwood From £80 pw
Moortown From £185 pw
Woodhouse From £104 pw

***Prices are approximate, were posted on the Rightmove website at the time of this article. For a fair price please contact our local office, calling 0113 2242 808.

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