Can We Still View Properties in Lockdown?



22nd January, 2021


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Can We Still View Properties in Lockdown?

The impact of the pandemic triggered by the Coronavirus has impacted everyone’s life deeply. Probably, nobody was expecting to adapt and change the daily routine and habits from a day to the other.

The confusion was one of the earliest consequences of the sudden onset of the pandemic. People did not know what was allowed and what was not, rules and regulations were changing on a daily basis, chaos was reigning.

The pandemic has also affected the housing market and the ways everything functioned within the business. Currently, the vaccine seems to be the only ray of light at the end of the tunnel. However, things are still confusing. Is it possible to view properties during the lockdown? Or is it forbidden?

Is it possible to view properties during the lockdown?

Even during exceptional times such as these, there is a guideline that regulates what homeowners and purchasers are allowed to do. Properties can be viewed but the way this is done is different from pre-pandemic times.

The main rule is that viewings should happen with only two households inside the property at all times. It is important to bear in mind that this number must include the agent showing the viewer to the property.

Another aspect that needs to be considered is how viewings should be arranged: they should happen by appointment only which means that the visit has to be planned beforehand. During the viewing itself, a minimum distance of two meters has to be maintained at all times (where possible).

In addition, both parties should avoid touching surfaces. Homeowners should keep internal doors open, ensure the surfaces and door handles are thoroughly cleaned. The cleaning process should be repeated as soon as the purchaser leaves the premises.

Last but not least, estate agents and potential purchasers should wear face masks during the viewing time.

Unfortunately, during unprecedented times such as these, the housing market had to be adapted to this new situation. Searching for a new place or choosing to put it on sale is done in a completely different way.

Most of the whole process needs to take place online because contact between people is to be avoided as much as possible. Considering the risk from COVID – 19 is high, professionals and clients should meet just when it is absolutely necessary.

In addition, there are virtual viewings, a solution that limits human contact even more. Not every estate agency offers this kind of service but it is becoming more popular.

As a matter of fact, virtual viewing helps to narrow down the number of properties a purchaser is willing to see in person. Other estate agencies offer different solutions that would have been ineffective without the internet’s help.

In conclusion, what’s really important is to follow the new guidelines so that the infection is kept at bay and unpleasant situations such as new outbreaks do not occur.

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