Guiseley, Leeds (UK) Area Guide



6th May, 2020


Area Guide

Guiseley, Leeds (UK) Area Guide

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Guiseley is a popular suburb of the city of Leeds. According to archaeological findings, Guiseley was a settlement back in the Stone Age and Bronze Age, it was home to the Romans and then a village inhabited by the Saxons. The first written mention of Guiseley is to be traced back to the Domesday Book, a manuscript record finished in 1086. Before the outset of the Industrial Revolution that resulted in a woolen industry-based economy, Guiseley was mainly a farming community. As it became more industrialized, Guiseley acquired a railway in 1865 and a Town Hall in 1867. Among the notorious people who lived in Guiseley, there is the singer Tasmin Archer. By the way, if you have a house for sale, do not hesitate to contact our estate agents in Leeds.


Guiseley is located about 15 km from Leeds city centre. It sits in a valley to the North – West of Leeds, between the areas of Airedale and Wharfedale.


The area of Guiseley is well connected to Leeds city centre. It is possible to take either the bus or the train. The bus lines are 27, 33, and 737 with the closest stop to Guiseley being Otley Rd Ings Lane. Commuters who would rather take the train, the suburb is connected by the Northern train line. Getting to Guiseley by car is very easy because one of the major roads in England, A65, passes through the suburb. For those who prefer traveling by air, the closest airport to Guiseley is the Leeds Bradford Airport, at just 5 km drive.

Schools and Universities in this area

Guiseley is an area with a good range of primary schools. High schools are also very common in the suburb.
1. St. Oswald’s Church of England Primary School. It is a school where unity and the sense of belonging are very important. Its vision is based on community, where students thrive standing together. Pupils are provided the very best education so they can achieve outstanding academic standards. It is located in the area The Green.

2. Tranmere Park Primary School is set within attractive grounds, far from busy traffic and it provides excellent facilities for the students. The school promotes love for learning within a safe and happy environment where everyone is welcome. Its values reflect mutual care and support.

3. Guiseley Primary School is located in Oxford Road and its mission revolves around the “rainbow code”. In other words, every family matters and everybody is welcome. The school provides an inclusive environment that will enrich the pupils’ learning and values which will guide them in their future lives.

4. Hawksworth Church of England (VA) Primary School was founded in 1874 and its core Christian values are love, trust, courage, friendship, respect, and forgiveness. Every child is bestowed high expectations in order to excel and achieve great goals. The school supports pupils individually because the belief is that each one of them has a great potential that should be applied to learning and future achievements. It is located in Main Street.

5. Guiseley High School provides an education that gives students the possibility to succeed academically and helps them build that self – confidence needed to become active members of the community. Its core value is care and students learn in a safe and pleasant environment. The school is located in Fieldhead Road.


One of the finest English bars in Guiseley is The Station Pub, the ideal place to be thanks to its friendly atmosphere, the vast selection of drinks, and good food. The pub can be found at 70 Otley Road. For those who would rather go for cocktails, The Potting Shed is the place to be. It is one of the newest pubs in town: it is not only a bar where people can share food and drinks but also the ideal venue to enjoy the Six Nations championship. The Potting Shed is situated in Oxford Road. Coopers Market Town Taverns offer its customers three things: food, beer, and the Yorkshire vibe. This pub has been serving visitors in Guiseley from 2005 with cask-conditioned ales, fine wines, and delicious food.

Places to visit within a radius of 50 km

Because of its location, most of the attractions that can be visited around Guiseley are natural parks and forests, ideal for hikers and tourists that enjoy spending a day outdoors. The Chevin, at just 3 km from the suburb is popular for climbing and bouldering, an interesting site for riders, runners, and walkers.

Yeadon Tarn Lake is also at 3 km to the southeast of Guiseley and it is very popular among those who enjoy watching aircraft taking off and landing. Ideal for strolling around the lake thanks to the walking trail, spending the entire day with the children.

Almscliffe Crag or Great Almscliff Crag is the perfect location to enjoy a 360 – degree view of Yorkshire. The panoramic views from the top of the small hills are stunning. The rock climbing routes are great fun but challenging and this area is considered to be one of the best locations to practice this hobby.

Horsforth Village Museum is just about 7 km to the southeast of Guiseley. Back in the days, it was described as the largest village in England and up to this date, it still retains some of its ancient identity. This heritage can be felt in the museum’s exhibits, which are all related to what life was like in the old times in Horsforth and the surroundings. It is a great place to visit if one is interested in Yorkshire’s beginnings.

The Bradford Industrial Museum was originally the Moorside Mills, built around 1875. In 1970, Bradford Council bought it and created a museum. It has a permanent display of textile machinery, engineering, imprinting machinery, steam power, and motor vehicles. In addition, visitors can enjoy the nearby Moorside House where the manager of the mill lived or the Mill – workers’ houses which reflect three different time periods.

At 5 km north east of Guiseley, tourists should visit the Browns Gallery. It is a great place to admire works of art and paintings from local artists. Once the old Otley Building Society, it is now a spacious art gallery that hosts a number of exhibitions. Some of the top artists whose paintings are exposed at the Browns Gallery are Steven Townsend, Peter Brook, Graham Colthorpe, etc. Tourists can also purchase products such as mugs, candles, vases, glassware, etc.

Abbey House Museum is at about 10 km from Guiseley and it is the recreation of an authentic Victorian street. Visitors will have the possibility to explore the high street and all the traditional shops with old artifacts. There is a Victorian pub, the undertaker’s workshop, and the Childhood Gallery where visitors can have a glimpse at 19th century toys, from doll houses to penny slot machines.

Thwaite Mills is 20 km south east of Guiseley and it is one of the last working mills in Britain. It was once home to the Mill manages and has since been restored to its original characteristics so that tourists can experience what it was like to own and run such a place in former times. Visitors can also enjoy the engineer’s workshop to observe how everything worked or how oil was made and wood crushed without the use of electricity. It is also a nice area to enjoy a picnic.

Nostell Priory is 38 km away from Guiseley. It is a Palladian house built in 1733 and it was given to the National Trust with all its contents in the XX century. Nostell Priory is a showcase for fashionable and elegant design with its collection items original bought to impress the guests. Visitors can enjoy the Chippendale collection, the superb ceilings made of plaster, some excellent paintings which history is related to Nostell Priory, and the longcase clock made by John Harrison.

Things to know about the Guiseley housing market

Guiseley is an exciting area to settle down in because of its proximity to the Leeds city centre, its amenities, its connections, and its safe environment. Ideal for both families and workers who want to stay away from the city’s chaotic life and rhythms. There are plenty of schools, restaurants, shopping facilities, sports centers, etc. People who choose to live in Guiseley can enjoy its community spirit and the possibility to embark on day trips and excursions in the numerous parks and hills that surround the suburb. The historic town in Guiseley is beautiful with traditional buildings available for sale at prices that suit all budgets. The average house price is Guiseley is £346,000. Terraced properties are sold for around £195,000, semi-detached houses for an average of £293,000 while detached ones at £474,000.

Local property professionals

We pride ourselves on the range of student properties we offer in the area. Our trusted letting agents in Guiseley can help you find exactly what you’re looking for whether expert advice, property valuation, property management services or a tenant searching for their ideal rental property in the area. Browse our range of student properties to rent in Leeds or get in touch, and we look forward to helping you let your property or find your perfect rental property.

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