Halton, Leeds (UK) Area Guide



12th May, 2020


Area Guide

Halton, Leeds (UK) Area Guide

Halton is a suburb of the city of Leeds, very popular among families because of its great connections, amenities, and schools. It is made up by a professional community and it has very interesting properties, both semi-detached and detached. Historically, Halton was not a suburb of Leeds because it first developed off the main road between Leeds and Selby. After the Second World War and the expansion of Leeds, Halton became part of the city. In modern days, this suburb is the perfect choice for parents who commute to Leeds. Some of the notable people related to Halton are Christabel Burniston, the founder of the English Speaking Board, and the cyclist Beryl Burton. By the way, if you have a house for sale, do not hesitate to contact our estate agents in Leeds.

This guide will give you an insight into Student Letting Agents in Leeds because we have years of experience in the local letting properties.

Area Guide

Halton Location

Halton is situated between two suburbs and two districts of the city of Leeds: the suburbs of Cross Gates and Whitkirk, respectively to the north and south, and the districts of Halton Moor to the west and Colton to the east.

Halton Transportation

This suburb of Leeds is at just 15 minutes drive from the city centre, the ideal area to settle for commuters. Halton is also easy to reach from the motorway because it is close to the M1 and M62. These two motorways provide great connections between Halton, the rest of the country, and to the Moors. The suburb is well connected to Leeds city centre by both bus and train. The closest train station is at Station Rd Cross Gates Stn, 117 meters away and 2 minutes walk. The other useful stop is at Cross Gates, just 452 meters away and 7 minutes walk. Northern is the train line that one has to take to get to Halton. Buses are 163, 166, and 40. Being so close to Leeds, commuters can choose to fly because Leeds Bradford Airport is at just about 19 km from Halton.

Schools and Universities in Halton

As mentioned above, Halton offers a number of great schools, both primary and secondary.

1. Whitkirk Primary School is located at Templegate Walk and teamwork is the key to successful learning. Working together is the core value of a school where the individual is a vital piece of the community. The institute provides a fine and safe place where pupils can grow and share memorable experiences. the school’s core values are respect, achievement, safety, trust, forgiveness, and friendship.

2. Templenewsam Halton Primary School is located in Pinfold Ln. This school teaches pupils self – discipline, respectful towards others, sensibility to the needs of others, and self – confidence. Children will grow up receiving the best academic foundation possible and building love for learning.

3. Temple Moor High School & Science College believes in pursuing excellence in every aspect of learning. Commitment to it and constant improvement are key ingredients to providing students with the right tools to be successful in life. Improving the individual’s qualities, promote equity, maintain the highest standards, and deliver inspirational teaching are some of the objective this school aims to achieve. Temple Moor High School & Science College is a confident institute at the heart of the community. It is located in Field End Grove, Selby Road.

4. Corpus Christi Catholic College is in Neville Road. As the name suggests, it is a secondary school with a strong Chistian and community ethos with a strong reputation as a rapidly improving institute. Its characteristics are mutual respect between staff and pupils and great value is set upon each individual who plays a vital role within the community. Traditional highest standards of uniform and behaviour are observed.

Bars in Halton

The suburb of Halton is a great area for a meal out, especially Selby Road where a lot of takeaways and restaurants are. Most popular food is fish & chips, Indian and Chinese. One of the most popular bars in the area is The Leodis, a pub with a great atmosphere and a wide range of beers. It is a wonderful place to spend an evening watching sports, playing pool or darts. The pub is located in Cross Green Ln.

In Selby Road, visitors can find The Woodman Pub: there is a great selection of drinks, all the best sporting action, pub quizzes, and live music. A fantastic venue to feel the beating heart of the Halton community. The Woodman is the typical English bar for memorable evenings with friends. Another pub worth mentioning is the Wykebeck Arms, also in Selby Road. It is a traditional pub with a beer garden, HD screens, and pet friendly.

Customers can enjoy amazing offers for drinks and watch sports such as football, rugby, and cricket. The bar offers the opportunity to hire a room for private parties and events. The Wykebeck Arms is a great option for a night out in Halton.

Places to visit within a radius of 50 km from Halton

There is plenty to visit if one lives in Halton. At less than 2 km from the suburb, there is the Primrose Valley Park, ideal for family picnics, walking the dog, and children playtime. It is a huge open area, considered by some to be the heart of Halton, much loved by its residents.

At just about the same distance, to the south of Halton there is another open space, Temple Newsam Park. It has a pleasing variety of open parkland, open farm, heritage buildings (it is possible to visit the magnificent Tudor Jacobean mansion), and ornamental gardens. Car parking facilities are ample and comfortable. On top of this, visitors can spend the day at Temple Newsam Park Golf Course.

Thwaite Watermill stands on an island at 8 km from Halton. It is one of the last few remaining examples of a mill powered by water in England. It is part of those heritage sites that remind of how the Industrial Revolution has impacted this particular area of the country. Tourists can also visit the Thwaite House, a fine Georgian building, the mill manager’s dwelling. It has been restored to its former glory and presents exhibits and displays that show what it was like living in those times and running a mill without electricity.

Another interesting venue is Tropical World at 7 km from the Leeds’ suburb. It is a zoo with many animal species and numerous greenhouses filled with UK’s largest tropical plant collection. It is the ideal place to visit with the family.

For those who love golf, Scarthingwell Golf Course is definitely worth visiting. At just 15 km north east of Halton, Scarthingwell Golf Course is set in quiet rural surroundings and its popular among golfers for its friendliness and informality. Beginners can also attend because there is a golf academy that offers from individual video lessons to complete game improvement packages.
Brodsworth Hall and Gardens is 36 km south east of Halton. It is the perfect venue to experience what it was like to live in the Victorian times. It was built in the 1860s and its rooms are very interesting to explore. The tearoom is great to enjoy a cup of tea and the gardens are just gorgeous. There is also a play area available for children.

Xscape Yorkshire, about 10 km south east of Halton is the perfect place for a family’s day out. It is a destination with a variety of fun activities, places to eat and outdoor sporting brands to shop. Some of the exciting activities that visitors can enjoy are urban climbing, laser tag and adventure golf to skiing, sledging and riding the skycoaster. Xscape Yorkshire was developed and built in a surface of 430,000 sq ft and the centre is so huge that it covers the size of six football pitches. Diggersland Yorkshire, 9 km south east of Halton, is a fun and adventurous theme park for guests of all ages. Visitors can ride real diggers such as bulldozers, diggers, dumpers, etc.

Things to know about the Halton housing market

Thanks to its location and amenities, properties in Halton have an average price of £143,498. Most of them are occupied by the owners and the largest number of properties are either semi – detached or detached. Halton is considered a pretty safe area to live in, where levels of crime and anti – social behaviour are at a low rate, considered the proximity to the city of Leeds. Families with a high educational level tend to move to this area. The properties that have gone on sale more frequently in the recent times have been semi – detached houses, with an average price of £142,767. On the other hand, terraced properties have sold for an average price of £98,742. The most expensive properties are the detached ones at an average cost of £236,667.

Local property professionals

We pride ourselves on the range of student properties we offer in the area. Our trusted letting agents in Halton can help you find exactly what you’re looking for whether expert advice, property valuation, property management services or a tenant searching for their ideal rental property in the area. Browse our range of student properties to rent in Leeds or get in touch, and we look forward to helping you let your property or find your perfect rental property.

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