How much does a property valuation cost



27th July, 2020


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How much does a property valuation cost

Property valuation is another term that makes up the rich jargon of property expressions. If you are in the situation to sell or buy a property but you don’t know how much it costs, then our property experts at RoofTop Living Leeds will explain to you how much a property valuation cost.

But, what is property valuation?

A property valuation is an assessment of your property’s value, based on the location, size, age, condition and multiple other factors. Is a detailed report of a property’s market value.

How much does a property valuation cost in Leeds

The property valuation cost is £0, (zero) nothing at all! Yes, you read that very well. House valuations provided by estate agents are usually free because it’s a great time to view the property and offer services to the owner. You are interested to know the current value of your property in the Leeds area?

If your answer is simply “yes”, contact our local branch at 0113 2242 808 today! We are more than happy to make a valuation of the property for free.

How much do Chartered Surveyors charge for their services?

The property valuation cost will depend on many factors. The prices will differ based on your size of the property, location within the UK, and on your individual valuation needs. However, a simple valuation can fall between £100 – £250. Chartered surveyors provide useful advice about obtaining planning permissions, property renovations, and other environmental issues.

Need a property valuation?

How much does a property valuation cost

Our wealth of experience in the estate and letting agency sector has allowed us to help both domestic and international clients find the perfect property. More than 30 years after buying our first student property, we now oversee a multi-million-pound international portfolio of properties. No matter your property need, personal and expert help is always just a click or calls away. Call us today!