Kirkstall, Leeds (UK) Area Guide



3rd June, 2020


Area Guide

Kirkstall, Leeds (UK) Area Guide

Kirkstall is a suburb of Leeds. It is an area with numerous amenities and things to do. Its commercial park, Kirkstall Valley Retail Park features several large department stores, a large supermarket, etc. Apart from the numerous shops, Kirkstall has a public library, a leisure centre with two swimming pools, and a fitness centre. Historically, this suburb is very important because of an event that took place here during the English Civil War: the bridge over the River Aire was blown up by Royalist troops from Leeds and the city was retaken by the Parliamentary force in 1643. Kirkstall was also an important centre during of industry which thrived during the First World War with the construction of axles for military vehicles. By 1930, most lorries and buses where equipped with axles manufactured in Kirkstall.

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Area Guide


Kirkstall is about 4 km northwest of Leeds city centre. It is not far from the University of Leeds and Leeds Metropolitan University. The suburb sits on the eastern side of the River Aire and close to the canal. Kirkstall is close to other important suburbs of the city of Leeds, Headingley to the east, Hawksworth and West Park to the north.

Transportation in Kirkstall

Getting to Kirkstall by road is very easy because it is accessible by Leeds City Centre via Kirkstall Road (A65). For commuters who would rather take the bus, there is a regular service between Leeds City Centre and Kirkstall Abbey and Kirkstall Retail Park operated by First Metro Buses. There are four bus lines that stop at Kirkstall: 33, 34, 49, and 50A. It is also possible to take the Northern Line or the Harrogate Line for those who prefer to travel by train. The service is provided twice every hour and it runs from York to Knaresborough. The nearest stations to Kirkstall are: Commercial Road Gilbert Chase, 307 meters away from Kirkstall, 5 min walk, Kirkstall Hill Eden Road, 414 meters away from Kirkstall at just 6 min walk, and Headingley which is 740 meters away, and 10 min walk. Because Kirkstall is so close to Leeds, another traveling alternative is by air because Leeds Bradford Airport is just 8 km north – west of the suburb.

Schools and Universities in this area

There are a number of excellent schools in the suburb of Kirkstall.

1. Kirkstall Valley Primary School. It is a vibrant and friendly community which aims to top quality teaching and inclusive education. It is a safe and stimulating environment for pupils to grow up building the foundations to a successful adult life. This school is located in Argie Road.

2. Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School. Located in Eden Way, Argie Avenue, this primary school’s values are inspiration, love, peace, comfort, and mercy.

3. Beecroft Primary School. One of the most important aspects of this school is creativity: subjects like art, design, drama, music, and technology help children develop imagination, problem solving, team – working, etc. Beecroft Primary School is a special place where pupils learn to work together in an environment where cohesion is the key. Teachers and students develop a special partnership because by working in a team, every child can reach his / her potential. This school is in Eden Way.

4. Kirkstall St Stephen’s Church of England Primary School. It is located in Morris Lane. Its main goal is the wellbeing of children at the centre of every school activity. The sense of community is very strong and the fantastic team of welcoming staff is ready to make everyone happy and comfortable throughout the learning journey. The study program is rich and varied giving pupils a range of exciting and motivating activities to engage in.

5. Abbey Grange Church of England Academy. It is located in Butcher Hill and it is a very successful secondary school with students from all over the city. The school’s aim is to educate pupils to stretch them academically, support them pastorally, and help them develop spiritually and socially.

Bars in the area

There are a few pubs in Kirkstall that are very popular. One of them is the West End House, located in 26 Abbey Rd. Revelers can enjoy a night out at this pub with its friendly staff and amazing atmosphere. There is a wide range of beers, both local and international ones with the most popular ciders. The West End House offers a lot of entertainment: customers can participate in the Thursdays’ quiz (general knowledge, fun fortunes, etc.) and Rock n Roll Bingo with good music. The pub was established in 1867 and people will be able to enjoy traditional homemade fayre and quality cask ales.

Kirkstall Bridge is an award-winning pub popular for its great selection of craft ales. Beautifully located on the edge of the River Aire at 12 Bridge Road, this pub serves great drinks and a renowned menu of pub classics and pizza. Additionally, customers can have their drinks in the beautiful beer garden.
The Vesper Gate in Abbey Road is another pub with a variety of beers and drinks, British and international dishes. It is a great venue to enjoy the top sports on TV and it is family – friendly.

Places to visit within a radius of 50 km

There are plenty of places to visit around Kirkstall. Rodney Nature Reserve 5 km west of Kirkstall is the ideal place to spend a day out immersed in nature. It is a reserve designed to bring wetland wildlife back into the Leeds area. Thanks to the abundance of wildlife, there is plenty to see in Rodney Nature Reserve.
Kirkstall is very famous for its abbey. Right next to it, tourists have the opportunity to visit the Abbey House Museum. It is the recreation of an authentic Victorian street. Visitors will have the possibility to explore the high street and all the traditional shops with old artifacts. There is a Victorian pub, the undertaker’s workshop, and the Childhood Gallery where visitors can have a glimpse at 19th century toys, from doll houses to penny slot machines.

At just 3 km south east of Kirkstall is the Emmerdale Studio Experience. Those who like Emmerdele should immerse themselves in its world and take the tour behind the scenes. This is a great opportunity to discover how the show is made, discover secrets about the show.

Temple Newsam Park Farm is 11 km south east of Kirkstall. It is a wonderful working farm and historic house surrounded by scenic parkland. The house has over 500 years of history and it gives an insight to the life of the people who lived there centuries ago. There is an art collection that belonged to Lord Darnley, notorious husband of Mary Queen of Scots.
For those tourists who enjoy playing golf, Scarthingwell Golf Course is a must. At just 27 km east of Kirkstall, Scarthingwell Golf Course is set in quiet rural surroundings and its popular among golfers for its friendliness and informality. Beginners can also attend because there is a golf academy that offers from individual video lessons to complete game improvement packages.

The National Coal Mining Museum is probably not the best place to be if one is claustrophobic. Beside the opportunity to travel underground for 140 metres, the museum gives an insight to the hardship of life in the mines, the dangers, and how this activity changed through history. The museum is at about 22 km from Armley.
East Riddlesden Hall is approximately 23 km north west of Kristall. It is a historic site owned by the National Trust. It is a manor from the 17th century where tourists will have an insight of life during those days. The location is beautiful and picturesque and it was the setting for the film Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights.

Things to know about the Kirkstall housing market

Being a thriving suburb, Kirkstall is a popular place to settle down. The housing market here varies: there are Victorian terrace houses as well as semi – detached properties at affordable prices. For those who prefer newer buildings, there is a wide selection of new apartments. Houses in Kirkstall are not that expensive to rent when compared to other suburbs because it is an area that’s growing in popularity among students (universities are very close) and young professionals. Buy – to – let investors are also willing to invest in Kirkstall’s housing market. Detached properties in this suburb are also available, especially in the proximity of the Abbey with a beautiful view of Kirkstall Abbey and its gardens.

House prices are below the national average: £155,832 instead of an average value of £174.475. Despite the lower prices, Kirkstall’s housing market continues to gain in value at a steady rate with an average increase of 4.16% (£6,962).

Local property professionals

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