Meanwood, Leeds (UK) Area Guide



16th June, 2020


Area Guide

Meanwood, Leeds (UK) Area Guide

There is something magical about Meanwood because it is a mix between town and country. Its proximity to Leeds makes it a thriving community while it preserves its identity as a village. Meanwood’s origins are to be traced back to the 12th century when its Anglo – Saxon name derivation was first recorded: the Meene wude was the wooden boundary of the Manor of Alreton, the woods to the east of Meanwood Beck.

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Area Guide

In 1577, the Meanwood Valley became a heavily industrialised area (a common characteristic of the Leeds’ surroundings) up to the 19th century. The beck provided water and power for corn, paper mills, dye works, etc. This area was connected to Leeds in 1830 with the construction of a turnpike road. Public transport was established next (in 1850) and electric trams started connecting Meanwood to Leeds from 1890. These innovations encouraged people to settle down in the area while working in the city. Therefore, industry spread alongside housing.

Meanwood Location

Meanwood is located to the north west of Leeds city centre. The area borders the popular Headingley to the south west and to the east, Chapel Allerton.

Area Transportation

Being so close to Leeds city centre, Meanwood is very well connected. Commuters who prefer the bus, this area offers a bus service that runs regularly to the downtown area and West Yorkshire. Lines 51 and 52 are the most regular bus routes running every 10 to 15 minutes. Lines 38 and 39 run every hour during peak times. Catching a train is another comfortable option because the nearest train station is in Headingley. Transportation by car is also recommended because three important motorways serve the area: the M62, M6, and M1. Being so close to Leeds, commuters can choose to fly because Leeds Bradford Airport is at just about 10 km north west of Meanwood.

Schools and Universities in this area

Most schools in this area serve Meanwood and its neighbouring student suburbs of Headingley and Hyde Park.

1) The Leeds Beckett Headingley Campus offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Some of them are Accounting and Finance, Architecture, Biochemical Sciences, Business and Management, Criminology, Economy and Finance, Teaching and Education, etc. The campus is far more than the typical university building. It is surrounded by meadows where students can spend some time outdoors, study, or simply relax after a busy day in the classroom. It is a campus definitely worth visiting.

2) Meanwood Church of England Primary School is well known for its friendly atmosphere. The community school is based on the teachings and guidance of Jesus Christ. Children are expected to show great performances both academically and socially. As a matter of fact, the school’s aim is to provide young people with the experiences they need to develop into successful learners. The school is located in Green Rd.

3) Spring Bank Primary School is situated in Spring Road. It is a happy, safe, and fun place to learn to become a valuable member of society and to respect others. The school provides a supportive and caring environment. The curriculum offered is a source of motivation and inspiration for the students who receive a solid teaching, exciting integrated activities, while developing basic skills. The school’s main commitment is the safeguarding of its pupils.

4) Cardinal Heenan Catholic High School. It is a well – established thriving Catholic school known for its high standards, exceptional pupils, and fantastic staff. Its Catholic ethos perfectly blends with high quality teaching which develops individual strengths and talents. Pupils are encouraged to be creative, think originally, develop imagination, put a lot of effort, and attain achievement.

Bars in the area

The Alfred is probably the most popular bar in Meanwood. Here, people can enjoy a wide range of drinks, real ales, craft beers, wines, etc. Staff is very friendly and professional, the right people one expects to find behind the counter. The Alfred, which opened in 2011, features a stylish décor with a 50s twist.

The North Bar is considered by many the first craft beer bar in Britain. Maybe yes, maybe not. It is surely a great bar that serves a huge selection of top quality drinks. Its beer selection is served brilliantly by friendly and informative staff. The North Bar is one of the coolest bars in Meanwood, the place to be for lovers of great drinks, music, and art.

Further North is the cosiest and friendliest bar in Meanwood. Located in Harrogate Road, Further North opened its doors in 2007 and its popularity has not stopped growing. Revelers love it because of its homely atmosphere and cosy setting. It features an upstairs seating area, doubling its capacity. The upper area can be hired for special events such as birthdays, parties, and group events.

Places to visit within a radius of 50 km

Tourists will find a lot of attractions around Meanwood.

Thwaite Watermill stands on an island at 9 km from Meanwood. One of the last few remaining examples of a mill powered by water in England, Thwaite Watermill attracts thousands of visitors every year. It is part of a heritage site, reminder of how the Industrial Revolution has impacted this particular area of the country. Tourists can also visit the Thwaite House, a fine Georgian building, the mill manager’s dwelling. It has been restored to its former glory and presents exhibits and displays that show what it was like living in those times and running a mill without the luxury of electricity.

Xscape Yorkshire is 23 km south east of Meanwood. It is the perfect place for a family’s day out. Here, visitors can enjoy a large variety of activities, places to eat and outdoor sporting brands to shop. Xscape Yorkshire is ideal for urban climbing, laser tag and adventure golf to skiing, sledging and riding the skycoaster. This attraction was developed and built in a surface of 430,000 sq ft and the centre is so huge that it covers the size of six football pitches.

At 34 km north of Meanwood, tourists can experience a full immersion in nature at the Natural Trust Brimham Rocks, once known as Brimham Crags. It is a biological site that covers a surface of 183.9 hectares where visitors can spend a marvelous day outdoors. Ideal for families with children. In addition, it is possible to observe some of the most iconic rock formations, its heather moorland, and numerous species of birds. Brimham Rocks is a place of great interest for geologists, naturalists, climbers and walkers.

At approximately 50 km east of Meanwood is The Spa at the Oaks. This is the perfect place to relax and recover with the many Spa treatments and Spa days’ packages. It is considered one of the finest spas in the Yorkshire county with its stainless steel swimming pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna, aroma room, and water beds. The Spa at the Oaks also offers the opportunity to celebrate a memorable event like a wedding and a cheerful festivity like Christmas. In addition, after total relax at the Spa, visitors can have some fun at The Oaks Golf Club.

If golf fans can’t have enough, Scarthingwell Golf Course is definitely worth visiting. At approximately 16 km north east of Meanwood, Scarthingwell Golf Course is set in quiet rural surroundings. It is very popular among golfers because its staff is very friendly and informal. Newbies are also welcome thanks to the golf academy where starters can take individual video lessons to complete game improvement packages. It is a great place to spend a whole day surrounded by meadows and beautiful landscapes.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park is another great outdoor venue that tourists should definitely visit. It is 30 km south of Meanwood and visitors can enjoy its displays with more than 80 works, including major sculptures by Sol LeWitt, Phyllida Barlow, Ai Weiwei, Joan Miró, Roger Hiorns and Dennis Oppenheim. The Yorkshire Sculpture Park comprises of 500 acres of beautiful landscape where tourists can walk and enjoy the great views.

Things to know about the Meanwood housing market

Meanwood is a residential area close to Leeds city centre, an ideal place to live for both workers and students (the traditional student areas of Headingley and Hyde Park are close by). People who want to invest in the housing market will find a rejuvenated town with many terraced houses as well as some newly developed buildings for living.

Despite the fact that Meanwood is very close to Leeds, properties are still affordable. If one wants to invest in the Meanwood housing market, there is a wide range of properties: modern apartments, Victorian terraces, traditional bay windowed semis, Grade 2 listed conversion developments, and luxurious executive homes.

Local property professionals

We pride ourselves on the range of student properties we offer in the area. Our trusted letting agents in Meanwood, Leeds can help you find exactly what you’re looking for whether expert advice, property valuation, property management services or a tenant searching for their ideal rental property in the area. Browse our range of student properties to rent in Leeds or get in touch, and we look forward to helping you let your property or find your perfect rental property.

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