Moortown, Leeds (UK) Area Guide



22nd June, 2020


Area Guide

Moortown, Leeds (UK) Area Guide

Moortown is a suburb of Leeds. Originally described in the Doomsday book as wasteland, it first became a settlement around the late XVIII century. In was initially named Moor Allerton, then Moor Allerton Bottoms followed later by High Moor Allerton. By the XIX century, present-day Moortown was enclosed farmland with several farms and a few traders with small businesses. In the late XIX century, Moortown continued to be dominated by agriculture and it gradually developed into becoming the suburb known today. This process was possible at the beginning of the XX century with public transport between Moortown and the city of Leeds. Moortown is very well known for hosting the 1929 Ryder Cup, a biennial men’s golf competition, the first time it took place on European soil.

This guide will give you an insight into Student Letting Agents in Leeds because we have years of experience in the local letting properties.

Area Guide

Moortown Location

This suburb of the city of Leeds is located around the junction of the Harrogate road A61 and the Leeds Outer Ring Road (or A6120). Moortown is situated between Roundhay and Gledhow to the east and Westwood to the west. To the south, there is Chapel Allerton and Alwoodley is to the north.

Area Transportation

Moortown is just 6 km north of Leeds city centre. It is easy to get there by car taking the A61 motorway which is very close to the downtown area. Although there is no train station in Moortown, travelers can ride the bus: there are plenty of bus routes that connect this suburb to Ripon, Harrogate, Leeds and suburbs nearby. Another alternative to get to Moortown is by air considering that Leeds Bradford International Airport is only a 15 minutes drive (12 km northwest of Moortown) and easy to access via the Ring Road. This suburb of Leeds is the ideal place to commute from thanks to these travel alternatives.

Schools and Universities in this area

1) Allerton Church of England Primary School. Located in Lingfield Approach, this primary school believes its vision embraces not only the children but also everyone who is involved with Allerton Church of England Primary School. The main objectives are learning and flourishing. This can be achieved by developing children with helping hands, an open heart, a sense of responsibility, an enquiring mind, a sense of wonder, etc.

2) Moor Allerton Hall Primary School. This is a real community school where children learn to develop a sense of belonging. It is probably the best school in representing Leeds’ fantastic mix of culture, religions, backgrounds, and experiences. Pupils are taught skills and knowledge that will be an asset for their future challenges.

3) Allerton Grange High School. It is situated in Talbot Avenue and its key points are aspire, grow, and succeed. Students are expected to work together in order to achieve full potential: hard work and good teaching is the secret combination to success. The school community is expected to show respect for one another, no matter the religious and cultural background.

4) Brodetsky Primary School. It is an Orthodox Jewish faith school where children are successful through creativity, independence, and resilience. The school provides a nurturing environment for the children with its caring and dedicated team of teachers and staff. At Brodetsky Primary School the main values are integrity and respect, kindness, deep respects toward the rules, compassion and forgiveness.

Local Bars

Street Lane is an avenue where bars are not in short supply. Corner House Coffee Bar and Kitchen is a nice venue to enjoy a coffee, craft beers and cocktails. They can accompany one of the many fresh cooked dishes served at this bar.

Banyan is probably the most popular bar in Moortown. Revelers can choose from a great variety of beers, ales, and cocktails. Some of the best cocktails served at this bar are Blood Orange Spritz, Berry Collins, Lemon Cheesecake, and many more. Additionally, it is possible to organize parties, so why not celebrate a birthday at Banyan? This venue is also very famous for its food with different menus for lunch, brunch, and dinner. There is also a buffet menu and a kids menu.

Places to visit within a radius of 50 km

The National Coal Mining Museum is 38 km southwest of Moortown. It is an interesting place to visit, maybe not appropriate for claustrophobics because there is part of the tour that is underground (140 meters long). This museum is very popular among tourists because it gives an insight to the hardship of life in the mines, the dangers, and how this activity evolved during the course of history.

East Riddlesden Hall is approximately 29 km northwest of Kristall. It is a historic site owned by the National Trust. Visitors will enjoy a tour in the manor from the 17th century so they can have an idea of what life was like during those times. The location is so beautiful and picturesque that it was chosen as the setting for the famous film Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë.
A great place to visit around Moortown is the Natural Trust Brimhan Rocks (once known as Brimham Crags), located at 37 km northwest of the suburb. Here tourists can spend a marvelous day out in contact with nature. It is a biological site with a surface of 183.9 hectares, the perfect place for families and children. Beside picnicking and hiking, tourists can enjoy some of the most iconic rock formations, the park’s heather moorland, and numerous species of birds.

Brimham Rocks is also an attraction and place of interest for geologists, naturalists, climbers and walkers.
Being so close to Leeds, people in Moortown might want to visit one of the best attractions from the city: the Royal Armouries. It is Britain’s national museum of arms and armours and it is visited by thousands of tourists every year. Here people can enjoy about 8,500 objects from the past. In addition, it is possible to learn how the warrior’s figure has changed throughout history, starting from the medieval knight to the present – day soldier. The museum is just 9 km south of Moortown.

About 34 km south east of Moortown, tourists can visit Nostell Priory and Parkland. It is a point of great interest because visitors can explore the Palladian house built in 1733. The building and its content became part of the National Trust in the XX century. Nostell Priory can be described as a showcase for fashionable and elegant design with collection items that were originally purchased with the purpose of impressing guests. Visitors can enjoy the Chippendale collection, the superb ceilings made of plaster, some excellent paintings that are historically related to Nostell Priory itself. Last but not least, visitors can admire the longcase clock made by John Harrison.

Northeast of Moortown, at just 14 km drive from the suburb, tourists can visit Brahman Park, a country house built in the 18th century. Beside its historical heritage, it is an interesting place to visit because several events are held in Brahman Park: the endure 24 (the world’s toughest 24 hour running race), The Leeds Festival, the Equi – Trek Branham International Horse Trials, and Total Warrior (one of the most exciting obstacle racing competition).

Middleton Park is just 9 km south of Moortown. It is considered one of the green jewels of south Leeds, a mixture of traditional parkland and ancient woodland. This green space covers a surface of over 470 acres and it suits everyone’s taste because there is a playground, a fishing lake, a café, bowling greens, etc. Middleton Park also features heritage trails about the history and wildlife of the area, flower beds and rose garden, a nature reserve and much more. The ideal place to spend a day out.

Things to know about Moortown housing market

Moortown is certainly one of the most desirable areas in the proximity of Leeds city centre. Properties here are no so expensive as others situated in the Leeds area, yet they remain above national average with a typical average value of £250,665. National average is £217,928. Why are properties in Moortown above national average? Simply because this area attracts a lot of workers and students: job prospects and some of the best English universities contribute to pushing up house values. Moortown has seen average house prices climb by 4.54% over a year time. That means that there has been an increase of £10,894 for each property.

Detached properties in this suburb of Leeds are nor the best bargain because their average value is £427,682. Investing in properties with the idea to rent them out is not as fruitful as it is in Hyde Park, Headingley and Meanwood. In fact, students would rather look for rooms in these areas. Therefore, there are fewer rental properties on the market and lower overall rental prices.

Local property professionals

We pride ourselves on the range of student properties we offer in the area. Our trusted letting agents in Moortown, Leeds can help you find exactly what you’re looking for whether expert advice, property valuation, property management services or a tenant searching for their ideal rental property in the area. Browse our range of student properties to rent in Leeds or get in touch, and we look forward to helping you let your property or find your perfect rental property.

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