Woodsley Road, Leeds Street Guide



9th October, 2020


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Woodsley Road, Leeds Street Guide

This is one of the most complete guides you can find online about Woodsley Road in Leeds.

Woodsley Road Location

Woodsley Road is a street in the city of Leeds, West Yorkshire and its length is approximately 751 meters. It crosses 3 postcode sectors: LS3 1 for a length of 338 meters, LS2 9 for 99 meters, and the remaining 310 meters are covered by the sector LS6 1.

The housing market in Woodsley Road, Leeds

In this specific road, the average house sells for £179,916.67. Woodsley Road is also within the area of Leeds District (B) Council, responsible for refuse collection and the collection of council tax. Woodsley Road is another good location to live in because Leeds city centre is at just 2 km southeast and it literally takes a bit less than half an hour to cover that distance on foot. Ideally, students can rent an apartment in Woodsley Road because popular areas among youngsters that study in the universities nearby are very close, especially Hyde Park, Woodhouse, and Burley.


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Schools near Woodsley Road

There are some primary schools very close to Woodsley Road. Rosebank Primary School is 600 meters away and it only takes 7 minutes walking to get there.

It is located in Burley Road, LS3 1JP. Leeds City College situated in Park Lane, LS3 1AA can be reached in 15 minutes and it is a little over 1 km away from Woodsley Road. At approximately the same distance there is the Swarthmore Education Centre located in 2 – 7 Woodhouse Square, LS3 1AD.

Equidistant to the last two colleges is Health Education England which is on 1st Floor, Blenheim House, LS1 4PL. The closest libraries to Woodsley Road are Burley Library (750 meters), Leeds Central Library (1. 7 km), Armley Library (approximately 2 km), and Headingley Library (an average of 2.5 km).

Hospitals near Woodsley Road

Woodsley Road is close to some of the most important hospitals in Leeds. The above mentioned The Mount and Leeds Dental Hospital are respectively at 650 meters, 10 minutes walking distance, and 1 km away.

The Nuffield Health, Leeds Hospital is located in Leighton Street, Leeds, LS1 3EB and it takes approximately 20 minutes to get there on foot, the distance being 1.5 km.

Leeds General Infirmary is located in Great George Street, Leeds, LS1 3EX, one and a half km southeast of Woodsley Road.


Woodsley Road’s location makes life easy for commuters because some of the main stations are close by. Burley Park Station (Ashville Road, Burley Park, West Yorkshire, LS6 1NA) is 1.2 km away, Leeds Station (New Station Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4DY) slightly over 2 km, Headingley Station (Kirkstall Lane, Headingley, West Yorkshire, LS5 3LD) at about 3 km from Woodsley Road.

Kirkstall Forge Station is the farthest station from Woodsley Road approximately 5.5 km away. Its address is Abbey Road, Kirkstall Forge, West Yorkshire, LS5 3NF. The nearest tourist attractions to Woodsley Road are The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, approximately 1 km away, Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills which is just 1.5 km away, Leeds Craft and Design Gallery (at approximately 1.7 km), and Leeds City Museum (1.6 km).


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