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2nd September, 2020


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University of Leeds Accommodation Guide

The University of Leeds is one of the most important universities in the area. As a matter of fact, the city itself and its suburbs register a large number of young people, the majority being students at the top institutes of the West Yorkshire county. Living on campus has many advantages: it is comfortable because the student does not need to commute since the basic necessities are available on site.

In addition, choosing to stay on campus and its premises is a different and more positive way to experience student life: studying becomes the main focus, it is more of a task that needs to be complied with, and chances to make new friends and feel like an active member of the student community are higher.

The facilities available at the University of Leeds campus are many: students can choose between modern buildings to apartments specifically renovated to host pupils, etc.

How to choose your accommodation in Leeds

Choosing where to live is normally a decision based on the budget, the location, and comfort (how close it is from the workplace, how accessible it is to amenities, etc.). The same criterion is applicable to deciding which is the best accommodation on campus at the University of Leeds.

1. PriceAccommodation at the University of Leeds varies depending on the type of service the student is looking for. The most expensive accommodations are the catered residences and the type of housing that costs more is the en suite room.

At Leeds University there are accommodations specifically for undergraduate students whether it is a first-year pupil, a new undergraduate exchange student, or an international undergraduate (in this case tuition fees are paid at the international rate).

Postgraduate applicants will be assigned dedicated accommodations and international students are given priority if they comply with two requirements: new to Leeds and only single accommodation is provided.

Postgraduates from the United Kingdom or the rest of Europe are not guaranteed housing on campus. Students who have families will be assigned accommodation in great locations, either on campus or nearby.

All applicants are required to pay a £200 deposit within 4 days of the offer of accommodation. The deposit will be returned only at the end of the student’s stay only if the entire rent has been paid, there are no damages or administration charges. There are many possible payment methods, in over 140 currencies.

2. Area – The University of Leeds was built in an excellent location because it is very close to Leeds city centre, very well connected nationally and internationally (at just 30 minutes driving from Leeds Bradford International airport and one hour from Manchester Airport).

In addition, Leeds is a thriving city, one of the liveliest in the United Kingdom, multicultural, well renowned for its universities, business, arts, and sport.

3. Facilities – The facilities that students can find on campus will help make their studying experience a truly unforgettable and exciting time of their life. Apart from cafes, restaurants, and libraries, students will have cash points at their disposal, a print and copy bureau for printing, copying, or photography needs, an IT service desk, a security office, the Leeds University Union which represents over 300,000 students, teaching rooms, etc.

How much is accommodation at Leeds University?

Because the University of Leeds offers a wide range of accommodations, prices differ depending on several factors. Students can decide to live either in a catered or self – catered residence. Catered residences are more expensive because they include the cost of 12 to 13 meals per week during term time.

There are three catered accommodations: Devonshire Hall with prices that range from £184 (with a shared bathroom) to £205 (en suite) per week, Ellerslie Global Residence costs £190 with a shared bathroom and £208 en suite, and Lyddon Hall £191 with a shared bathroom and £212 en suite.

Self – catered residences are cheaper because they do not include costs for meals. In addition, students have a wider range to choose from and more living combinations (studios, shared – studios, shared bathrooms, and suite).

To mention a few, James Baillie Park offers a studio for a maximum of £191 per week, £160 en suite, and £133 with a shared bathroom. St Marks Residence and White Rose View have only en suite accommodations for prices that range from £141 to £158 per week.

Central Village is another self – catered residence where students can share a studio for £206 per week, £181 for an individual studio, and £158 for the en suite. Finally, the smaller residences are the third type of accommodation offered by the university.

The weekly rent is cheaper: 28 Clarendon Place offers accommodation for prices that range from £103 to £121 per week, from £113 to £117 for Lyddon Terrace, £126 to £143 for North Hill House.

How do I apply for accommodation at Leeds University?

In order to apply for accommodation at the University of Leeds, the student seven steps. In the first place, the academic offer needs to be accepted by the applicant. Then, the second step will be the selection of the accommodation and in case of special requirements, these need to be specified beforehand.

The application for housing is the next step and its deadline varies depending on the student’s status (new entrant, international student, postgraduate, exchange student, etc.). The next stage of the application process is to submit it so that the university can allocate a room.

The student’s first choice of residence cannot be always guaranteed. Finally, the applicant will have to sign the contract making it legally binding for the time period stated.

How to find student accommodation outside Leeds University

Finding student accommodation outside of Leeds University’s campus is easier than it seems. As stated earlier, Leeds is a city that offers a wide variety of private accommodations, especially for students. When necessary, students can look for advice at the university itself: both Unipol and Leeds University Union can help with the house research.

The first one is a registered charity that works closely with the university to support students and staff find suitable accommodation. In addition, Unipol owns and manage their own properties, as well as providing an advertising service to other owners in the city of Leeds.

Private house owners have to comply with the Unipol Code of Standards scheme which guarantees extra protection and assurance to the students living outside the campus. Leeds University Union provides a lot of information and advice service to students or staff members looking for a place to live.

Referring to the union will be of great help because house hunters will be provided information such as the landlord’s reputability, everything that there is to know about the deposit and previous tenants’ satisfaction rate with landlords in Leeds.

Luckily, the university’s support is not the only solution to finding accommodation close to the University of Leeds. Students can refer to local estate agencies (there is plenty all over the city), private ads posted on dedicated websites (Facebook groups, for instance), ads on local newspapers, etc.

What is important, though, is that the student looks for a place not too far from the university. The ideal areas are Leeds City Centre, Woodhouse, Hyde Park, Burley, Headingley, Leeds Becket University area, and of course, the areas surrounding the University of Leeds. However, the vicinity to the university campuses is not the only aspect students have to consider.

The budget plays a big part in this house searching game because one should be able to predict what are the other expenses excluding the rent: food and drink, leisure, commuting costs, textbooks, clothing, etc. A positive aspect of life in Leeds is that rents are not very expensive, even when housing is close to the city centre and all of its main attractions.

Once the budget is set, the next step is to understand what is the ideal accommodation. Some people have not problems sharing an apartment with others and sometimes double rooms are another great alternative to cost savings.

Others would rather move to a studio or an apartment for themselves which means less hassle, more space, and extra privacy. As soon as the accommodation has been selected, it is time for house viewings. Good advice is to check every single room in the property and ask the landlord a lot of questions.

For example, how well connected in the area, safety-related issues, how often inspections are carried out, whether there are additional charges, availability for parking, information about utilities (water, electricity, and gas), the possibility to host visitors such as friends, partner, family members, etc. Certainly, finding a place to live in Leeds is not impossible, it just takes some time and patience.

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