Why invest in Leeds property



16th February, 2021


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Why invest in Leeds property

Today’s question is “Why to invest in Leeds property?” The reasons why people should buy a house in Leeds are different. It is a thriving city full of opportunities, at the heart of the Yorkshire and the Humber region of England, well connected to the rest of the country.

Leeds is an important city in Great Britain, the economic, financial, and cultural heart of West Yorkshire. It is considered a prestigious city, referred to as the “Capital of the North” by some. Leeds is a vibrant city with over 100,000 people commuting to its centre daily for business and work. For more info about local property investment opportunities, please contact our Student Letting Agents in Leeds.

About three-quarters of a million people live in Leeds, a city with a rich culture, lots to do, lots to explore, great shopping, etc. The ideal areas to purchase a property are Leeds City Centre, Woodhouse, Hyde Park, Burley, Headingley, Leeds Becket University area, and of course, the areas surrounding the University of Leeds.

1. Location

A good reason to invest in Leeds is its location and the fact that it is well connected. As mentioned above, Leeds is a big city and its downtown area is very well connected. Commuters who travel by bus can take the line from the bus station on Dyer Street.

It serves the entire Leeds region and is served by First Leeds, Arriva Yorkshire, Yorkshire Coastliner, National Express, Keighley & District, and Harrogate & District. Moving around by train is a great alternative because Leeds counts with the third busiest railway station in Great Britain. According to statistics, approximately 40 million people use that station yearly.

The hub is well connected to London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Nottingham, Birmingham, Newcastle, York, Manchester, and Liverpool. Commuters who prefer the comfort of their car to get to Leeds, there is an excellent network of motorways that surrounds the city. The main motorways are the M1 and the M62. Such an important city could not be far from an airport: Leeds – Bradford airport is less than 13 km northwest of Leeds city centre. Do you want to work with the best letting agency in Leeds?

2. Best universities in the United Kingdom

Leeds is home to some of the best universities in the United Kingdom. It is the ideal place to buy a house when one is studying at one of its universities. The University of Leeds is one of the most important universities in the area.

As a matter of fact, the city itself and its suburbs register a large number of young people, the majority being students at the top institutes of the West Yorkshire county. Living on campus has many advantages: it is comfortable because the student does not need to commute since the basic necessities are available on site.

In addition, choosing to stay on campus or its premises is a different and more positive way to experience student life: studying becomes the main focus, it is more of a task that needs to be complied with, and chances to make new friends and feel as an active member of the student community are higher.

The facilities available at the University of Leeds campus are many: students can choose between modern buildings to apartments specifically renovated to host pupils, etc. In addition, Leeds is the nightlife capital of the north with its many bars, pubs, and clubs. It counts with 152 between pubs, bars, and cafes.

3. Leeds is a city growing real fast

There is no doubt that Leeds is a city growing real fast. Investors from all over the world wish to start their businesses or settle down in Leeds. It’s no surprise to learn that this city provides more jobs than any other city in Great Britain (if London is not taken into consideration).

Therefore, it is a great and safe city to live in. During the 80s, there was a building boom that, to a certain extent, seems to be ongoing. Despite its quality of life that seems to suggest higher housing prices, in reality, they are below the national average.

4. House Prices

An average house price for a property in Great Britain is about £219,554 while in Leeds is £203,825, over £15k less than the UK average. Investing in Leeds is recommended because property values have been enjoying a steady increase, rising to 5.14%. This indicates that the city continuously regenerates various areas in and around the city centre to provide more housing. Rental rates are also pretty strong and it could not be otherwise as, to many, Leeds is considered a student city. Property owners can easily rent out their flats either to students or to the young working class.

Do you want to invest in Leeds? We cover Burley, Chapel Allerton, Weetwood, Meanwood, Headingley, Hyde Park, Woodhouse, Leeds City Centre, Armley, and more. Do not hesitate to contact us, our company is always at your disposal.